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Before I proceed to the 1980s films, I’d like to go back and review a few films and TV shows that I missed before.




Although I’m not done with the festival coverage yet, I will start posting short reviews of other Chiba movies. The focus will be on lesser known films, so I may skip some popular films like Return of the Street Fighter.

I will review movies in roughly chronological order at first; this may change later when I get to see more films.

I will be reviewing a lot of movies that unfortunately are not available for fans outside Japan. Some of them I’ve seen on TV, many are available on VoD in Japan, and some I may have caught on 35mm. I will mention review format and film availability in my posts. Bootleg dvds will not be mentioned. I’m sorry but I cannot help you obtain copies of these films. What you can do is ask DVD/BD publishers like Arrow Video to release them instead.

Sketches of Chiba


I think this blog is quite self-explanatory. Having been a fan of Sonny Chiba for quite a while, and getting to meet him in 2014 at the Sonny Chiba Film Festival in Tokyo (where he turned out to be a true gentleman: very friendly, very modest about himself, and genuinely appreciating his fans) inspired me to track down many more Chiba films which I had not seen before.

Now, with over 100 Chiba films under my belt, I still can’t say I feel one bit tired. If anything, I’ve only come to like him and his movies even more. Not all of them are great, but like a friend of mine once said, even a poor Chiba film has at least one good going for it: Chiba. His enjoyable performances (especially in the mid 60s when he was at his best as an actor) and groundbreaking action work (which earned him fans like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan) have nearly always been the highlights of the films he appeared in.

This blog attempts to shed more light to his films, especially the lesser known ones, which cover a wide variety of genres from romantic youth films to detective noir and all kinds of action films. Though I lack time to write detailed reviews, and I won’t even attempt to write about every film I’ve seen, I hope to share valuable information especially about the lesser known films.

If the blog’s title sounds familiar, yes, you guessed it. This is a sister blog for Sketches of Cinema.