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Rugby Yaro


Rugby Yaro (Japan, 1976)

The success of Truck Yaro (1975-1979) initiated a whole load of movies that put “Yaro” in their title, including this semi-bonkers sports comedy/drama. Sonny Chiba’s brother Jiro Chiba stars as a Rugby player whose team must find a way to beat the opponent. It’s a standard storyline without any major surprises, but works surprisingly well. Training scenes are relatively nuts; much better than the actual matches actually, which tend to go on forever. There is no sex, nudity or graphic violence, making this a family friendly affair. Sonny Chiba appears for about 7 minutes during the last third as a truck driver who comes to Jiro’s rescue. It’s not a classic film, but a pretty decent time waster.

* Original Title: Rugby yaro (ラクビー野郎)
* Director: Akira Shimizu
* Chiba’s role: Small supporting role
* Film availability: None. Review format: 35mm

Jiro Chiba

Sonny Chiba