Delinquent Boss: Ocho the She-Wolf


Delinquent Boss: Ocho the She-Wolf (Japan, 1969)

The second film in the Delinquent Boss series is a tiresome action comedy without a hint of inspiration. It was – for some reason – a phenomenally successful series for star Tatsuo Umemiya, who plays a silly biker gang boss surrounded by – at least in this entry – unfunny comic reliefs. The series went on for 16 instalments, in addition to which the character appeared in at least two unrelated movies, including a cameo in Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Challenge (1972). The series also gave its the title and some minor inspiration for the far superior Delinquent Girl Boss series.

Film connections are actually one of the few interesting things about Ocho the She-Wolf: the titular character is the same one Reiko Ike plays in Sex & Fury and Female Yakuza Tale, although those films were set in a different period and featured quite a different kind of Ocho. She’s played by Junko Miyazono here, but the role is pretty small. Sonny Chiba also appears in a small supporting role, and while it’s always a pleasure to see Chiba on screen, he has very little to do here. The same can be said about Bunta Sugawara. Even the massive end slaughter is an utter bore despite all the gunplay, explosions and bikes.

* Original title: Furyô banchô: Inoshika Ochô (不良番長 猪の鹿お蝶)
* Director: Yukio Noda
* Chiba’s role: Small supporting role
* Film availability: Toei DVD (Japan) (No subtitles)


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